Newsletter, Feedback and Picnic in the Park

Hello everybody and welcome to our first newsletter!

Firstly apologies for the delay between our first event in May and the feedback, we wanted to wait for our meeting with the Council and a very kind offer for Welsh translation before we went public with it.

It’s been a busy few weeks for us too, thinking how we translate what we gathered in to movement forward.

We have our next event pegged as a Picnic in the Party in late August, with the intention to use the Community space in the Hall once again, but bringing the activities outside to the Park for lunch and a tidy up. We’ll be actively looking for people who’s like to donate a cake, take part in the tidy up, play some music or bascially if you’d like to lend us your skills for a few hours that would be fantistic! The event will hopefully start a spark of interest for people interested in both the Hall and the Park and help gain momentum in pushing development in both these areas.

We’ll report back next week on the outcome of our first meeting with the Community Council and give more information about where we see our venture going. The main thrust for now is our intention to help the Council move towards a more proactive and stable Management Committee for the hall to help it grow and develop in to a real hub for Gilwern and the surrounding areas.

Please do contact us with any questions and thanks for showing such in interest in our little project so far!

Kindest regards
Kay & Helen

Feedback Newsletter 2

Feedback Newsletter Welsh version




So it’s finally official we have our party date booked and the poster is currently floating around twitter and Facebook. We got some tables booked up to advertise what’s currently happening in the village.

We have been working away booking people up and getting people at in the village connected. Our party will be starting at 10 and finishing around 2. We would love everyone to pop in for a slice of cake and express their views.

What would you like to see at the centre? What skills do you have? Could you run something/start something? Would you like to volunteer with Gilwern Roots or be on our Committee?

We would like to find out if people in our village want to create community vibe. Do you care if the library closes? Do you think the library needs to do more? What do they need to do?

Are you fed up with dog poop on the canal and the park? What would you like the council to do? Do we need an awareness day? Could you be involved in creaing a poster campaign? Do you have an idea about how to clean up the village?

Would you benefit from a Community Centre that was more of a Hub? That was open more often, with more groups on daily? With more facilities and a even maybe a Cafe? A job club, a business networking club? Come along and lets get talking.

We have Stephanie Burgis, local author, coming along to tell us about her new book The Dragon with the Chocolate Heart; two puppet shows and a place for the younger children to play. Our lovely Librarian, Elanor will be on hand to talk about the Library and what they offer, why not join whilst you’re here? Community groups will be on hand to talk about their events and what they do too! Pop along for 15mins and grab a slice of cake, or stay and chat, the choice is yours, but we’re excited to meet you and share our ideas!

Best wishes

Kay & Helen (Gilwern Roots)

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Hello World!

Hello and welcome to our first blog.

We’re a new group, dedicated to finding out what the village of Gilwern wants, how they want to see their village in the future and making a plan on how to get there!

We’re brand new, so bear with us whilst we put down roots !

Get currently have a Facebook page ( and an email ( We’re really interested in finding out what is happening in the village and boosting their signal. We would like to create an online calendar with all the local events on so please drop us a line.

We’re busy organising a village party at the Gilwern Community Centre to bring everyone together. it will be a day of village consulation to find out what you want for the future of the centre and Gilwern. A main aim for us is to increase the use of the centre and keep our fabulous library open forever. We have grand ideas following in Frome’s footsteps. Just have a look at what they achieved, like creating an action plan and creating a group to run their local hall.

We’ll be updating this soon – so watch this space!