Hello World!

Hello and welcome to our first blog.

We’re a new group, dedicated to finding out what the village of Gilwern wants, how they want to see their village in the future and making a plan on how to get there!

We’re brand new, so bear with us whilst we put down roots !

Get currently have a Facebook page (https://www.facebook.com/gilwernroots/) and an email (gilwernroots@gmail.com). We’re really interested in finding out what is happening in the village and boosting their signal. We would like to create an online calendar with all the local events on so please drop us a line.

We’re busy organising a village party at the Gilwern Community Centre to bring everyone together. it will be a day of village consulation to find out what you want for the future of the centre and Gilwern. A main aim for us is to increase the use of the centre and keep our fabulous library open forever. We have grand ideas following in Frome’s footsteps. Just have a look at what they achieved, like creating an action plan and creating a group to run their local hall.



We’ll be updating this soon – so watch this space!


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